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The story of BOGOhealing

BOGOhealing System History

The truly real story of BOGOhealing began in 1988 from that moment, when i met with friends and we talked about electronics and home appliances. А little while later I got a headache and I said that I would go home to rest.
My friend Alexander said: "Let's try to relieve your headache non-contact." He moved his arms over my head
and the pain half disappeared. He showed and explained to me what to do. After him I tried relieve the remaining half of the pain and I did it. The next time I got sick sharply head when flying in an airplane. I tried the movements that I made in the previous case. I managed to completely relieve a severe headache, but not so fast.
Analyzing everything what is happening and the causes of all kinds of pain, you come to the following facts:

Differences in blood pressure are possible. According to statistics, every second or third Man on earth.
   The causes of occurrence are different. Including artificial origin. On this subject I tell on pages: “".
2. Unsuitable place and conditions for help.
Wrong movements in assisting in the restoration of Internal Energy.


After the course, my students relieved severe headaches in minutes.
Some students do this with me, in seconds.

This is not a fairy tale or a trick, but a knowledge of Anatomy and Art possession of BOGOhealing.

Lack of Knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology.
5. The lack of a good teacher in the field of Healing, Natural Sciences, Bio-chemical processes, Folк Medicine, Physics and Chemistry. As well as the capabilities of the person himself: his desires, abilities and intelligence.

BOGOhealing System Development Stages:

1988  -  1990   Development of non-contact technique for influencing the human and animal body.

By this time, the following applies:

1. Recognition of latent forms of disease: chronic and inflammatory processes in humans and animals.
2. Improving the technique of Biological Diagnostics of the BOGOhealing System.
3. Diagnostics and comparisons of the biofields of the plant world, such as: trees shrubs and various types of  grassy - domestic and forest herbs.
4. The study of the Anatomy and Physiology of Man and Animals.
5. Giving help medical direction. Relieving headaches of various origins, including migraines; Blood pressure drops; Lumbosacral radiculitis and infringement of the sciatic nerve; Cervicobrachial osteochondrosis; Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis; Neurosthenia and Mental disorders; Weakenings of the Cardiovascular System; Violations of the Visual Apparatus - farsightedness and squint; Skin problems; Violations of the Function of the Thyroid and Pancreas; Disorders of the liver and gallbladder; Violations of the function of the Bubble and Kidneys - sand, stones, inflammation. As well as violations of the central nervous system - CNS.

All this took place under the supervision of doctors. Medical tests were performed in patients, and medical reports were also made. All this was on the Goodwill Gestures from two sides. This was of great interest for the introduction of additional healing methods the human body in Modern Medicine. In the process of working together with doctors, a lot of prospects emerged in the development of Modern Medicine.

      The collaboration report was as follows:

1. First of all, the uselessness of the use of medications in the field of the removal of many inflammations was noted. And in return, the use of the Boris Golban Health Method. Except for infectious and viral diseases.
2. Help was provided very effectively in patients with weakening of the Central Nervous System.
3. The Boris Golban Method in applying Genecology also proved to be effective. At: uterine bleeding, infertility, erosion of the cervix, fibromyomas.
4. In the field of Urology: prostatitis, infertility, weakening potency. In many cases, in the departments of gynecology and urology, it took several sessions until the Potency was fully restored in men and women.
And 100% pregnancy in women who have completed the course.
5. Many patients have documented complete restoration of the gastrointestinal tract.
The following diagnoses have been included here from doctors: gastritis, colitis and ulcers of the intestine and stomach; complete or partial lack of appetite; Violations of the functions of the gallbladder and liver; Disorders of the functions of the pancreas and spleen, and much more.
  Boris Golban's healing method helped to cope with many of the diseases listed above.
In some cases, the Wellness Method turned out to be insufficient, but only by 76%. And it took additional medications with additional physiotherapy.
6. A very powerful tool in the fight against radiation consequences is the Boris Golban Method.
After the explosion of the Atomic Station in Chernobyl, in Klinniki of Kiev, many affected arrived.
Many of them had strong radiation and overdose of radioelements. Their bad condition was noted by the
following factors: burning in the throat and complete loss of appetite; heavy body and vomiting; difficulty in moving; high blood pressure, high fever and many others.
  The rehabilitation group was 28 people.

Boris Golban was tasked with: “Improving the Health Status of the Chernobyl People”.

After his courses in his Method, 12 to 15 sessions, in affected of the Chernobyl accident, The following indicators were revealed:

1. In 80% of the group restored appetite. The result was rated as excellent.
2. In 45% of the group, blood pressure decreased to healthy (120-125 / 70-75).

In 25% of the group, blood pressure decreased to a moderate state.
3. In 70% of the group, the function of the Musculoskeletal System was restored.
The result was rated as excellent.
4. In 50% of the group, the background radiation level in the spinal zone reduced more than half.
Evaluation of the result is good.


1. The Boris Golban method for the full and partial rehabilitation of patients turned out to be effective and professionally effective.

2. The need to combine the Boris Golban Method with Traditional Medicine remains without any doubt.
3. The speed and accuracy of detecting hidden forms of diseases and complications in the human body, according to the Boris Golban Method, is recognized by Modern Medicine as a highly effective Diagnostic Tool.

December 1990
   Official Medical Approbation - Testing My Method in Moscow. Polyclinic №2, on the
                              street Ryleyev 37, under the Ministry Health of the RSFSR.

1991 – 1999         Application of the method of healing the human body in clinics and Hospitals of the
                             RSFSR and Ukraine. As well as using the Wellness Method In Poland.

2000 – 2006         Improving my Method in Israel with new forms of Healing. And Improving the Human
                             Body and animals.

2007 – 2009          
Unification of my Method in the North of Germany. Renaming the Wellness Method to
                             the BOGOhealing System Method.

January 2010       Discovery of the New Method by the BOGOhealing System. The new Method allows
                             you to adjust the Function of Internal Organs to Large and Medium Distances.
                             Restore and Strengthen Internal and External Energies.And also save the person or
                              An animal from many chronic diseases and inflammatory processes.

May 2011             Demonstration of the New Method in front of the Audience. At Close Range.
                             The minimum distance is 5 to 20 meters in the north of Germany.

2012 – 2014
        Reassessment and modification of the concepts of the structure of the BOGOhealing
System Method. A systematic study of the entire BOGOhealing System and its capabilities.
Identification of the BOGOhealing System Method not as curative as claimed Many doctors
and Medical Clinics. A statement of the BOGOhealing System Method as a Recovery Tool
and Life Force Enhancements, by restoring and enhancing Internal and External Energies of
a person or animal.

2015 – 2018          In-depth update of the New Method over Long Distances. Improving the BOGOhealing System
in helping animals. Balancing natural phenomena such as overclocking clouds and clouds.
                             Redirection of storm fronts to arid places. And causing rain in places where there is no rain.
                             Especially in summer in countries with arid climate.
                             Start of work on the project
№ 1:   Advanced Natural Medicine of the Future.
                             Beginning of work on project
2: Save nature for the Future.

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