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1. Recognition of hidden Forms of Disease at the Medical Examination level.

2. Only Non-Contact Method of Exposure - this is a prerequisite.

3. The method is very effective, without side-effects. This method has been certified.
At the Ministry of Health in Moscow, in 1990.

4. The BOGOHEALING System Method completely restores and strengthens
Internal (qi) and External (Aura) Energies.

5. Application of the BOGOHEALING System to enhance Animal Health.

In many cases of diseases in Animals, the BOGOHEALING System method
allows you to restore Health in Animals in a few sessions.

Helps home pets very well - dogs and cats.
Also effective for horses and other agricultural animals.
This has been tested in practice for over 32 years.

6. The capabilities of the BOGOHEALING system are so great,
what  it makes sense to do effective sessions without leaving your home - at a distance.
With 100% result.
Sessions from a distance are made
when the client wants to remain discrete,
after the operating period and can’t move, but strength and energy are needed.
Or located at a great distance - from anywhere in the World.

7. The phenomenality of the Method on the BOGOHEILUNG System is so great,
what restoring the energy of one of the family members during a single session,
the internal and external energies of others are automatically restored
family members.
- Given that these people did not take BOGOHEILUNG sessions.

At the same time, not only is energy restored in people and
And the very important thing is that more than half automatically disappears
diseases of external and internal organs.

This is not a trick or a hocus pocus. These are the forces of Mother Nature.
They do wonders.
As for me, - I am only their intermediary.

8. Strengthening Internal and External Energy, BOGOHEALING System
Completely restores and strengthens the Life Force.

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