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1. Clean, Restore and Strengthen AURA at any Distance:

1.1 Cleanse, restore, and Strengthen AURА at close range as a Single Session.
1.2 Clean, restore and Strengthen AUR
А at an average distance of 5 - 500 meters. The method according
     to the BOGOhealing System functions 100% efficiently with both 1 person and a group or with a mass.
1.3 Clean, restore and Strengthen AURA at a long distance from 1 km to infinitely large distances -
     thousands of km. 100% functions as a single session, and with the masses.

2. Application of the BOGOhealing System to restore Internal Energy and Vitality
at an unlimited distance.

2.1 Use the BOGOhealing System at a short distance of 10 - 50 cm. --- These are single sessions.
What are the most valuable Unit sessions for the BOGOhealing System?
Firstly, it allows you to fully restore the function of internal organs. By removing the inflammatory processes of different origin and direction.
Secondly, to regulate and strengthen the physiological process of the whole organism.
Thirdly, restore internal and external organs at the cellular level. This means that the regeneration of Stem Cells
of internal organs occurs throughout the body.
Fourth, fully restore the Inner Energy.
2.2 Use the BOGOhealing System at an average distance of 5m - 500m.
--- These are Group and Audience sessions in the halls. It is very effective for improving the general condition of the organim,work capacity, relieve fatigue and stress.
2.3 Apply the BOGOhealing System at a long distance of 1 km to more than 10 thousand km.
--- The ability to do sessions without leaving home, office, hall, etc. premises lying or sitting.
And also for a large mass live or via Skype, etc.
--- Very effective for saving time. The effect of exposure is 100%.
--- This process has not been thoroughly studied by modern physicists in the medical field.
But this process is very, very ancient. From some sources it is known that this opportunity was used
as a powerful tool of Atlanta Medicine. On the Continents of Atlantis.

As you know, the Life Force is that Divine substance, which is given to Man even at his birth.
It is wholly supported and controlled by Inner Energy. And the BOGOhealing Energy Recovery Method
is very effective for this purpose. He has been practicing successfully for over 30 years.
And fully justified itself as in the Medical direction - Used in some Private Medical clinics, as well as in
Rehab Centers.

3. Flexibility and versatility that allows you to:

3.1 Put into practice anywhere and anytime. As in Nature, in halls, in medical rooms and in very small rooms.
3.2 Apply energy recovery while standing, lying, sitting.
3.3 Apply a specific orientation of the system, depending on the situation.

4. Cleaning, Restoring and Strengthening the Main Neuro-Energy Centers.

The BOGOhealing System method allows you to do this.
The complete regeneration of the Nerve Centers - Chakras.As well as the restoration and strengthening of the Function of the entire Meridian System of Man - the Main Nerves in the body.
This means that the BOGOhealing System completely restores the Human Nervous System.

5. Complete restoration of the Life Force.

The 4-step Method of Regeneration of Soul and body according to the BOGOhealing System is applied.
We are seeking the full restoration of the Life Force.
The BOGOhealing Life Force Recovery and Strengthening Method is very effective, fast and guaranteed.
Why is this so?
First: The method operates at a bio-physiological level. All processes during and after the session are fully controlled.
Secondly: All processes during the session occur at the Cellular Level.
Third: The restoration of the function of all Internal Organs occurs simultaneously.
In other words, the renewal of the cells of the Internal organs occurs intensively during the session and during the first 3 days.
Fourth: At the end of the course, Medical Tests are done and checked with M. Tests done before the start of the Course.
Also, to control the state of the body, objective and subjective testing is performed.

6. Complete recovery of the Central Nervous System - CNS.

The central nervous system in the human or animal body functions only on electrical impulses with magnetic resonance.
The function of the central nervous system is directly related to the function of the brain. The brain releases natural functions,
a sufficient amount of energy. This energy in its structure is made up of electromagnetic waves.
Thus, by tuning the electromagnetic waves, we restore the function of the central nervous system.

7. Finding and Eliminating the causes of Mental Blockades.
Recovery of the Psyche by regulating Internal Energy
by BOGOhealing System.

Almost the entire physiological state of the body is regulated by the brain. Biochemical processes are also regulated by the Head
The brain.
The entire Hormonal system, the glands of Internal and External secretion, is also controlled by the Brain through the Hypothalamus and the mental
The psyche of Man is an emotional state and perception of the external World. And human emotion is like a wave. It happens sometimes very stormy.
An emotional state is a manifestation of electromagnetic waves, with a certain frequency of oscillation, secreted by the Brain.
This is from a consideration of the real Physical process. These data are 100% provable.
From some Wikipedia sources, "Psyche is property of highly organized matter".
A definite combination of electromagnetic waves, in no way can relate to highly organized matter.

The psyche - is the Emotional-Intellectual state of a person at a given moment in time.

Physical strength and intelligence; creativity and work; sports and favorite things. All this directly depends on the state of the Psyche.
With a Healthy Mind, all of the above happens safely and smoothly. And this is possible only with the allocation of a healthy and powerful mental strength.
This Force is produced and secreted by the Head Brain.
In experimental Physics, these are Electro-magnetic waves, with a certain oscillation frequency.
And these waves make up a certain spectrum of the radiant form, color and information.
They determine the state of a person in a given Moment, - as a Physical and Emotional-Intellectual state.
On this physical-logical information, you can clearly transcribe the concept of the word

This is  - The emotional-intellectual state of a person at a given time.

In this case, to restore and strengthen the Psyche of Man by the BOGOhealing System does not constitute Great Labor.
Because the Method is based on the restoration and strengthening of Internal Energy.

And using the Method on the BOGOhealing System, you can find and establish the cause of mental blockages.

8. Activation and Restoration of the Function of the Brain.

Using the Energy Recovery Method for the BOGOhealing System to restore the function of the brain.
This is possible and has been used for many years. Recovery and activation times depend on many conditions.
These include: age; general health condition; the use of medicines; life force; living conditions, etc.
Each case is considered individually. Individual consultations are held privately.
The restoration and activation of the brain occurs according to a specific program.
And it is completely controlled, including an objective and subjective state.
Additionally, certain tests are done by your doctor.
This controls the state of a person as current. And according to the objective state, its motor functions.
Compared with other, not a wide variety of methods for restoring and activating brain function,
This method has established itself as a highly effective and quick tool in resolving this issue.

9. Rejuvenation of muscle tissue of the Internal Organs
at the Cell Level.

All methods of exposure to Internal and External Organs according to the BOGOheilung System aimed at restoring energy in these Bodies. As well as the rejuvenation of stem
cells in these organs. Which leads to the achievement of the goal - Rejuvenation of tissues.
This is possible only due to a certain sequence in this activity.
And also thanks to the great experience in this direction.
After completing the course, laboratory tests are performed.
These analyzes are checked against previous analyzes.
This gives an idea of the effectiveness of this method, as evidence
Its 100% efficiency and response speed.

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